Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fish & Chips at Sandgate

Down at Sandgate there is so much debris floating around from the floods these are just some of the things we saw. Quite a few pumpkins, apples, thongs, a mattress, a few chairs, a table (1st picture, it's upside down) paint cans and lots of branches and polystyrene which won't be good for our sea life. The streets and waterways of Brisbane are going to take a long time to get cleaned up.

I took the kids down to Sandgate to have an early dinner of fish and chips (healthy eating starts on the 1st February!!)

During the Brisbane floods the "Drift" restaurant poontoon (aptly named I might add) drifted from it's moorings at Toowong and ended up on the beach at Sandgate. I thought we would take a little drive to get out of the house and take a look and combine it with early dinner.

This is part of the pontoon and there is another piece equally as big.

This is the foreshore at Sandgate where the machinery had lifted the two parts of the "Drift" restaurant's pontoon out of the water. Can I just say the water smell was unbearable at that point so I could just imagine all those houses how bad they would smell with mud throughout. Absolutely horrible!

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