Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeding the ducks

About 6 months ago my good friend Karin (who did Project 365 in 2009 with me) had taken James and I to a little creek in the suburbs to feed the ducks. Sienna was at kindy and I think James had a pupil free day at school. Anyway as the holidays are winding down I'm thinking about doing little activities for the kids which are fun and inexpensive so I decided we would go for a little 15 minute drive to feed the ducks. We took some old bread rolls out of the freezer and cut them into little pieces and I gave the kids a little brown bag of bread each to feed the ducks. We did feed the ducks along with lizards and heaps of turtles. This creek is in the middle of suburbia and we were just so thrilled to see so much wild life there. You can see our beautiful muddy flood water in these pictures but I'm sure the turtles and ducks love it. Here's a few photos of our little visit to feed the ducks...well heaps of photos in fact I took 100 of them, gotta love the age of digital don't you.


  1. Glad you went there again Kathy. It is a lovely spot, isn't it? xx Karin

  2. It makes a nice change to find these pockets of nature within suburbia - the shot of Sienna is lovely Kathy :-)