Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today in Brisbane

Today was another day spent glued to the tv with updated news bulletins on the flood situation here. We woke up to a beautiful hot sunny day so the whole thing seemed pretty surreal. I know that word gets used a lot these days but it's as if we are in a time warp or a dream and it's not really a dream, it is actually happening right now. My family members and myself are all safe because we are on high ground however we are only a few kms from Suncorp Stadium which is like a swimming pool today. So in essence while we are not near the floods we are only a few kms away as the crow flies.
The kids and I even had a swim in the pool this afternoon as it's been raining non stop for the past few weeks and it seemed like a good idea since it was so hot to cool off while we could.
The above pictures of the Brisbane river were taken by my sister today looking over towards "Southbank" (the original Expo 88 site) which was redeveloped as parklands.
The two colour photos at the bottom I got off the web and show the Wang Dynasty's Restaurant at Southbank which you can see from Lisa's pictures is half under water already. On the aerial view of Southbank you can see the man made beach which the Brisbane River has now spilled over into it. Also to the right of the beach you can see the Wang Dynasty Restaurant which is that round building near the river.
The ticket office to the Wheel of Brisbane where we were last week is under water and this is probably 200 mts from the waters edge and it's rising. We are no where near the peak yet as it is expected at 4am tomorrow. I think when you turn on your TV's tomorrow morning all will be revealed and we won't believe the pictures we are seeing.
There is an enormous amount of debris floating down the river straight out to Moreton Bay which is not good. In the first photo you can see a pontoon with a boat on it which has been ripped from it's mooring. There are rubbish bins, water tanks and tonight even more worrying was a huge LPG gas tank with a flume of white gas leaking from it hissing away as it floated down the river past Kangaroo Point.
The stories and pictures are like it's from some movie and you still think it's not possible for these things to happen. Brisbane is lucky because we have had time on our hands and people have been evacuating early so people and possessions were safe.
You can't help but watch the tv but on and off during the day I just cried at what some people were going to and the stories they were telling. It's hard not to be affected. It's a bit like the bushfires in Victoria in February 2009 it was so heart wrenching to watch and realize it was happening. All you can do is say a prayer for those people who have lost loved ones and of course people without homes to go back to. Their whole lives have been turned upside down.


  1. It is so surreal watching it on TV. I have cried a few times hearing some terribly sad stories of lost loved ones.
    We have friends in Oxley...they sent their kids home to Sydney today...i cried when i heard that too. Glad you are safe and dry xxx

  2. Thanks Di, I think everyone is worried no matter what state you live in.

  3. Kathy I was relieved to hear this morning that the peak has been reached - now we cross our fingers and pray that the rain stays away for a while and the cleaning up process can begin - that in itself is just horrible ... we have had three big floods here and I think the mess is revolting.
    I am glad you are ok :-)