Sunday, January 30, 2011

December Daily 2010

My beautiful December Daily album is 99% finished, just need to do the 1st introduction page and it's a wrap. I'm thrilled to pieces with it, the photos, the stories, the memories and the fact that it's digital and printed from home. The book is the 8x8 and when I previously wrote about it some months back I ended up not using the little envelopes with the numbers on for the dates as it didn't end up working as I would miss out on too much of the page and lose photos.
I would love to finish off 2009 December Daily before I start the 2011 December Daily. That's probably achievable if I push the timeline to somewhere between July and October. It's a shame to leave the project half finished. I like what I did for 2010 much better and easier to manage in a very busy month of the year. I will definitely be participating in Ali Edwards December Daily project at the end of the year again.


  1. looks great kathy! (and even though I don't like post bound albums these days, this looks great and I originally thought it was a bound and printed boom!)

  2. I love it! Excellent stuff Kathy, my 2009 album is one of my faves too :-)

  3. Awesome...wondering if I can go back and finish or will I just move on???