Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our very first EGG

This afternoon after school the kids and I went to the chicken coop to fix up the drink dispenser that had fallen down and low and behold James found an egg in the bottom of the coop. We were very excited and the kids each had a turn holding it for the photo. I wonder what surprizes there will be tomorrow in the coop. Coco and Fluffy have been allowed to roam around the yard for quite a few hours while I've been at home but the last few days they got into my veggie patch and dug up my need seedlings so they have been confined to the coop until the kids come home from school today. James wants me to boil the egg for an egg sandwich for school tomorrow however I would love to have it on toast for breakfast myself. Maybe I'll give it to him and I can have the next one...oh what a good mother I am...... the sacrifices one makes for your kids!!!! Hopefully there will be plenty more eggs where that one came from.

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