Friday, October 29, 2010

Nesting - they've worked it out

Today Coco (we think) worked out that upstairs in the chicken coop was the best place to lay her egg. The funny thing was the kids let the chickens out before breakfast and Coco kept running past James, onto our pavers and behind the outdoor fridge. James put her on the grass and before he turned around Coco ran back to the same spot. This happened about 5 times and in the end I told James to just put them back in the coop. Coco and fluffy immediately went upstairs and starting scratching around and we looked inside and worked out Coco was the one making all the noise. About 10 mins later James went back and opened the door and he found the egg.

We were just as excited and jumping for joy about our 2nd egg as we were about the first. Just have to wait until Fluffy lays an egg and then we'll have 2 eggs a day. So far James wanted the first egg, Sienna wants the 2nd egg so I'm hopeful I might get to try one of these tomorrow. We are having such fun with the chickens.

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