Monday, July 19, 2010

Sienna's kindy drawing of her holiday

I just had to post this picture that Sienna did at kindy last week as it only came home today. They had to draw something they did on holidays and as you know she had heaps of things to pick from but she drew this picture of James (on the left) and herself at Rainbow Bay. She said that she was carrying the surfboard in her hand (double click on the picture and I think that will make the picture larger to view. We don't have a surboard but we do have a boogie board and that is what she's referring to).

These moments make me stop for a minute and truly appreciate this gift of my little kids and how they view life. Whilst we all know how much time it takes to raise them (24/7) I really had to just stop and stare at this little picture for about 5 mins to take it all in and what that meant to Sienna. The clouds, the rocks, the sky and the fact that she had also drawn the surfboard is what life is all about. In it's simplicity and it's these things that make me truely treasure being her mother.

Rainbow Bay is such a beautiful place all year round and we are lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who loves to share her beach with us.

I've also included some pictures of the rocks she is referring to that the kids love to walk on. They love looking for crabs and shells and just pottering in the sunshine.


  1. The whole lot just looks so lovely and warm and relaxing :-)

  2. We were down there 2 weeks ago and the kids were swimming, building sandcastles and very relaxing. Can't say I was in my togs but I had a short sleeve top on with the beautiful winter sun. Beautiful Queensland!!

  3. I am very jealous...oh to dip the toes in the ocean...bring on summer :)

    Just wondering where you got the little tages in you WITL page? Ta

  4. Diane the pages are the Ali Edwards "Week in the Life Album (8.5 x 11 inch) and the little date tag is part of the actual page. The album comes with lots of pages and combinations for collages so very handy even if you aren't doing the Week in the Life. All the collages on my blog are Ali's (week in the life) and not Cathy Z as I previously mentioned even though I have got some of hers.
    Hope that helps. Have a look on and search on Ali and you should find the album.