Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New York Times - No Knead Bread

This wonderful recipe for "no knead bread" has been around for a long time and in fact I first made it about 5 or 6 years ago.  Here's a link to a video if you are interested.  I don't often make it and I should make it more regularly.  I used to bake it in my "camp oven" which I take camping but last year I bought a dutch oven from Aldi for the sole purpose of making this bread.  I put the pot in the cupboard and didn't get around to making the bread for a few months and when I got the box out I realized that it couldn't be heated up at high temperatures due to the handle on the lid so I rang Aldi to talk to them about it explaining what I wanted to use it for and they said that the handle on the lid was not tested to past a certain temp so I didn't end up using it and it was past the date to return it to Aldi.   To cut a long story short, last week when my niece and nephew were visiting from Perth I decided to make the NYT No Knead Bread for the next evening and decided to use to dutch oven given there was a chance the handle on the lid might melt.  I cooked the bread, the lid didn't melt and I was very happy.  There is no other recipe I cook in the oven anyway that requires such a high heat like this bread so I was willing to risk and it was fine but obviously Aldi weren't going to cover the pot's on going use if used at high temperatures.

The bread was delicious with a crunchy crust on the outside and soft texture on the inside and you need a good bread knife to cut this loaf.  I also made a Sun Dried Tomato Dip to go with it and everyone enjoyed both.

The Sun Dried Tomato Dip was 250 gms Philadelphia cream cheese and 100 gms of sun dried tomatoes.  Just blitz the sundried tomatoes and then mix the cream cheese in with it and it's done.  This quantity made quite so I would probably just make half the recipe next time but it was delicious with the bread. My photos are quite blurry as my shutter speed was too slow and I was running late getting my hot bread over to my sisters but you get the idea.

My 23 year old niece loved it so much asked for the recipe and I explained to her that she can use one of her Mum's Corningware/Pyrex dishes with the lid to bake the bread.  I will be making this bread more often, just remembering to get the dough done the afternoon before we actually want to eat it.  It's so easy and everyone loves it.

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