Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - Day 4

We are participating in Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" for the 6th year and you can read about this in this post.  Here's a look at our Day 4 which was Thursday.

An out of focus selfie in the car ready to go to school.

Off to the Library to return some books.

Sienna's books to be returned as I had returned James and my books a few days earlier.

The automatic book return machine.

The Libary has a coffee shop on the deck so I met my friend Jo for a coffee and chat.

Time to do a load of washing.

Noticing the height markers on the kitchen wall.

James playing me a song on the guitar.

Show & Tell homework for Sienna - writing up a recipe with ingredients and instructions and making it and taking it to class to share.  Sienna chose our wonderful chocolate slice recipe.

Ali's photo of Anna's broken door handle looks slightly better than mine.  The whole door handle fell off and now I am using a sock to open and shut the door.  Need to buy a new door knob set and fix it.

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