Sunday, February 23, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills.

Sienna doing some climbing at the park.

Hand drawn Tea Towel by James for Nanny & Pop using these fabric markers.  Nanny and Pop are keen veggie gardeners and they have a little cat called T and of course a lemon tree.

Hand drawn Tea Towel for Nanny & Pop from Sienna using these fabric markers.  Don't you love watching your kids drawings evolve like when kids do sticks for arms and then they progress to a circle at the end with fingers.  This time round I noticed Sienna had drawn the eyes looking up at Nanny and Nanny's looking down at her.  It made me love this picture even more.  Sienna has drawn their beautiful lemon tree with lots of lemons.

James doing chin ups at the park.

Sienna was working away in the study to surprise James and I with personalized picture frames with photos in them.  She even taped a cardboard stand to the back so they can stand up.

Doing some baking.

A trip to McDonalds for a cold drink on a very hot day and to celebrate James being elected on the Sustainability Club which is new thing this year at our school.

Sienna at the park for a birthday party.

Around the home.

Chocolate Fondue to celebrate my nephew's 19th birthday.

James at the park with his Ripstick.

James and Sienna at the park.

James, Sienna, Aunty Lisa and me at the park.

Aunty Lisa and Sienna at the Dayboro Bakery for lunch.


  1. Where did you get that fabulous collection of photos printed? I love it.
    Your two are great little artists - they have created some treasures.


      Michelle I used the templates I purchased on the link above. I use them in Photoshop Elements and then saved the whole file as a jpeg and printed it at Harvey Norman on an 8x10 page.
      The frame was also purchased from Harvey Norman as well.
      The pics were my little Instagram pics but you can use any pics.
      Hope that helps. Regards Kathy

  2. Such a great shots of Sienna on the play equipment and her face enjoying her milkshake. Jo xx

  3. I love watching the progression in children's artwork! It really is fascinating when they discover certain details and then input them. A little sad to see their earlier methods disappear, just like with those cute language quirks. Looks like you had a lovely week!

  4. such a colourful week you have had. I love the snipets of your week, conquering new heights, achievements and the simplicity of enjoying play and home life. I love following your weekly stills. Have a wonderful week.