Sunday, February 16, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for this weeks stills collection.

After school unwind with a bit of ball play at the park.

Sibling competition.

Then it's the bike track for the need for speed.

Weekend dinner.

Sunday afternoon skating - Sienna is in the orange shorts 2nd from the left. This was the "girls" turn for the floor.

My first practice crochet square.

Harvesting our first home grown corn ever in a 007 James Bond Corn kinda of style!!!

A bit of homework after school and my beautiful afternoon backyard light.

This made me smile when I opened the freezer to find this yoghurt being frozen complete with decorative raspberries to match.  Ah....Sienna was here and it certainly made me smile as I was not expecting to find this.

Giving myself a little time out with a coffee, water and half hour read of "Changing Gears" before I start the chores for the day.

After my little read and coffee it was onto sorting and folding the washing.

Then some ironing of uniforms.

KWH - aka "Kids Were Here".  See more posts with KWH.

With the school week over it's Friday afternoon relaxing by my daughter....I think she's got the hang of it don't you.

Using fabric pens to draw pictures on Tea Towels for Nanny & Pop for their birthday.

A little shopping for some new clothes and matching jewellery.

Sienna off to her BFF's Birthday Party.

I made this loaf of bread today using this recipe.


  1. These are awesome. I especially love the skating and the bread. (If I could skate and eat homemade bread at the same time I think I could really find fulfilment.)

  2. Great job on the crochet - and applause for the bread!!

  3. Your photos always tell a good story! Love the new outfits and matching jewellery!

  4. Love the relaxing feet shot … I think she's got the basics all worked out ;0)

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL week you have had!

    Love the new clothes! Very pretty!

    Oh, and I just imagined that bread (and put on a kg!) Haha!