Friday, June 28, 2013

The Circus is in Town

I had noticed the Circus was in town a couple of suburbs away and decided that we wouldn't be going to it because of the cost and I had told James and Sienna this when we drove past it recently.  After all we just had our school fete a couple of weeks ago which cost a bit and we are going to the Samford Show soon so the Circus was not on our list of things to do.  All that being said, my sister sent me a Cudo Deal that was $10 per person a ticket instead of $25 so for $30 the three of us went instead of $75 so figured it was affordable.  Burton's Circus is a very old well known circus with a ringmaster, animals and lots of other circus acts including trapeze, stock whip etc.  It went for a full 2 hours with a break in between and I'm pleased we went to the afternoon show.  Here are some pictures from our afternoon at the Circus.

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  1. Visiting today was nearly as good as going! Super photos - what is it about the van and the word 'circus' that always raises a little frisson of excitement!