Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Big Pink Bunny

Sienna bought herself a big pink bunny from the "Trash and Treasure" sale at our School Fete last Sunday and so far the big pink bunny has been everywhere with us.  In the car, in the lounge, it has tried on Sienna's pj's and snuggled Sienna in bed with her.

Last night I was making dinner and wondered where Sienna was and found her quietly tucked up in bed with her big pink bunny named "Suzanne" and she was reading to the bunny.  This bunny is almost as big as Sienna and to see them lying side by side in the bed with her reading out loud to the bunny is one of those warm moments that will be etched in my memory.

The Pearlie book Sienna was reading previously belonged to our dear little friend Alice who passed away from Leukemia in January 2012 at 8 years of age.  So this little moment had so many special memories all round and I'm sure Alice would be pleased to know that her books are being appreciated by little 7 year olds and big pink bunnies.


  1. Awh that first photo....beautiful! Sienna is such a dote :)


  2. I was wondering as I typed my comment to your last post whether Suzanne would find room in Sienna's bed - and clearly has. Lovely to have a Friend.