Monday, June 24, 2013

Around Here

Around here the weather is sunny and the mornings are down to 6 degrees which is cold for Brisbane.  The kids are on school holidays so there is no getting out of the house early or making lunches at breakfast time.  We will take a few days to unwind as this little family is exhausted and everyone is easily annoying each other when they shouldn't.  For dinner we filled our bodies with warm home made Minestrone Soup to get some healthy veggies into us after sausage rolls for a quick lunch at the shops.  We all sat down together on the couch this afternoon to watch a kids movie called "Valiant".  We chased a nuisance turkey from our back yard about three times today and the kids are asleep in bed and I'm just about to snuggle into my warm bed with the electric blanket on high.  Here's some photos of what's been happening in our world this week.


  1. ohhh I've never seen s bubble in a bubble! Really cool.

    I completely forgot that its winter in Australia at the moment, does it ever feel strange to have winter when it must seem like everyone else is talking/writing etc about summer?

    Those biscuits look delicious too!


  2. Some lovely food shots there, and I smiled at the dolls' shop sign - that takes me back! Hope you are able,to snuggle down into warmth and coziness. It is so-called summer here and I still have my electric blanket on!