Friday, June 28, 2013

The Circus is in Town

I had noticed the Circus was in town a couple of suburbs away and decided that we wouldn't be going to it because of the cost and I had told James and Sienna this when we drove past it recently.  After all we just had our school fete a couple of weeks ago which cost a bit and we are going to the Samford Show soon so the Circus was not on our list of things to do.  All that being said, my sister sent me a Cudo Deal that was $10 per person a ticket instead of $25 so for $30 the three of us went instead of $75 so figured it was affordable.  Burton's Circus is a very old well known circus with a ringmaster, animals and lots of other circus acts including trapeze, stock whip etc.  It went for a full 2 hours with a break in between and I'm pleased we went to the afternoon show.  Here are some pictures from our afternoon at the Circus.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

On holidays having down time

On holidays relaxing with games of UNO, lots of Lego, homemade soups, enjoying the light and shadows in the house.  Painted nails for the holidays and Sienna wanted them blue which of course last night with the State of Origin looked like she was supporting the NSW team but she assured us she was a Queensland supporter.  We are off to the Circus this afternoon with a fabulous $10 ticket deal over the normal $25 so I jumped at the chance and the kids are pretty excited.  More on that tomorrow.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Around Here

Around here the weather is sunny and the mornings are down to 6 degrees which is cold for Brisbane.  The kids are on school holidays so there is no getting out of the house early or making lunches at breakfast time.  We will take a few days to unwind as this little family is exhausted and everyone is easily annoying each other when they shouldn't.  For dinner we filled our bodies with warm home made Minestrone Soup to get some healthy veggies into us after sausage rolls for a quick lunch at the shops.  We all sat down together on the couch this afternoon to watch a kids movie called "Valiant".  We chased a nuisance turkey from our back yard about three times today and the kids are asleep in bed and I'm just about to snuggle into my warm bed with the electric blanket on high.  Here's some photos of what's been happening in our world this week.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Big Pink Bunny

Sienna bought herself a big pink bunny from the "Trash and Treasure" sale at our School Fete last Sunday and so far the big pink bunny has been everywhere with us.  In the car, in the lounge, it has tried on Sienna's pj's and snuggled Sienna in bed with her.

Last night I was making dinner and wondered where Sienna was and found her quietly tucked up in bed with her big pink bunny named "Suzanne" and she was reading to the bunny.  This bunny is almost as big as Sienna and to see them lying side by side in the bed with her reading out loud to the bunny is one of those warm moments that will be etched in my memory.

The Pearlie book Sienna was reading previously belonged to our dear little friend Alice who passed away from Leukemia in January 2012 at 8 years of age.  So this little moment had so many special memories all round and I'm sure Alice would be pleased to know that her books are being appreciated by little 7 year olds and big pink bunnies.

Monday, June 17, 2013

School Fete

Our school has put on a Family Fun Day for the past number of years for the students and families of our school however this year they decided to have a Community Fete instead. You will notice that Sienna is fully recovered from her concussion and even though I wouldn't let her go on the jumping castle she was keen to climb the wall a few times.  She also bought herself a big pink bunny from the second hand toy stall which she said cost $50.00.  I think she might have meant $5.00 but the pink bunny is a bit hit and she has called it "Suzanne" which is a very strange name for a Bunny and I don't even think we know any Suzanne's.  When I questioned her where she got the name from she said a "movie".  She also bought another story book for 50 cents and a show bag for $6.00.

James bought a "Goosebumps" book second hand and a Magic show bag and went on lots of rides.  We only had from 12.00-3.00 pm there this year as we had football on first.  The kids were so excited about the afternoon and couldn't wait to get there and had a great time.  Here's some photos of our lovely sunny afternoon at the school fete.