Sunday, April 28, 2013

Playing with Light at the Science Centre

Today we headed into the Science Centre to see their new exhibit called "Playing with Light" which was awesome.  We have a yearly pass to the Science Centre and it expires on Tuesday so we had to go today to get the benefit of this show.  We got in there about 11 am and it wasn't very busy which was great for us and about 10 mins into it they announced that the "sound show" was on so we headed into the little room to listen to information about sound and all the kids participated and answered questions and got a go up the front.  I actually found it very interesting and the kids thought it was great to.  James didn't want to be a Science Assistant however Sienna did so she stood up there and was part of the demonstration about "sound waves".  We had a great time and totally worth going to see it.   James loved the "Dodge the Laser" which if you picture your mind back to Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment with Sean Connery where she is practising all night to get through those laser beams so they can get the mask.  James loved this bit.

My favourite was "Painting with Infrared" where you had a bit paintbrush type gadget which you clicked over a laser colour (red, yellow, green, blue) and then you started painting the wall with the laser - I thought that was super cool.  I know Sienna loves painting rainbows so I suggested she have a go at that because she could use all the colours and not have to think of something to draw bearing in mind people are lined up waiting while the drawing is going on.  I came back to it later and drew the word Mum.

There were lots of interesting things there and it was a happy, fun morning.  Here's a few pictures from our time at "Playing with Light".

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