Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Turkey Alarm Clock

As I mentioned briefly the other day we live near the bush and we have lots of bush turkeys around our place.  We have been extremely fortunate for them to stay away from our front and back yards over the past two years but at the moment at exactly 5.55 am every morning a turkey jumps onto the roof above my bedroom and walks down to the back of the house ready to jump into the backyard and it is driving me insane.  The two owls I put in the veggie garden have deterred them from digging them up however it hasn't deterred the turkey (not sure if it is the same turkey over and over again or different ones) from getting onto the roof.  Yesterday afternoon we had the chickens out and they were having a sand bath (laying in the dirt and kicking it all over their body which they love to do) and James yelled out that there was a turkey in the chicken coop.  I thought the last two mornings the turkey alarm clock didn't go off because I didn't hear anything however I was very tired and could have slept through it.

Here is a picture of the culprit visiting yesterday afternoon.  Do I need to put a plastic owl on the roof or a plastic toy snake?  Does anyone have any suggestions.  I fear that if I put a plastic snake on the roof I will forget it's plastic and freak myself out.  I know when we had solar heating at our old house the guy said put a plastic snake on the roof next to it because otherwise birds can come along and put a whole in the hose which actually did happen.

Any ideas how I can stop this/these turkeys jumping onto our roof?

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