Thursday, April 18, 2013

My day on Monday in Instagram

I am right into taking pictures in Instagram at the moment and as I've previously mentioned I struggle with getting these memories off the phone and onto my computer.  I found a very useful (and successful) post today about how to do that without even plugging your phone in.  Check it out on the post from The House of Smiths and go down to the section that reads "Instaport".  I just clicked on it and it went straight into my Instagram account and I started uploading....about 1-2 mins in it came back and said there was a problem so I just gave it another go and then off it went uploading all my Instagram pics for 2 years (this took 2 hrs) but it didn't need my phone attached which is good.  I think that's why I never do it because I have to plug and leave the phone in but this little link worked perfectly.  Anyway I'm just about to go to bed and watch the "Gourmet Farmer" which was on SBS tonight at 8pm which I've taped and hopefully get a good nights sleep.  For now here's how my Monday looked in Instagram.

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