Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's activities

We are having a quiet week as all our friends are away on holidays and the kids made up a game out the back using the totem tennis.  They had to lie down on the ground and hit the ball then do a back flip somersault and then hit the bucket with their bat.  They each took turns and they were having a great time and I was on the computer in the study and I have a large window overlooking the backyard.  Normally there is a lot of "be nice to one another" "stop doing that" etc. and it ends up me having to walk out into the backyard to sort it out but all this good sibling love this week has been a godsend for me and everyone is enjoying each others company.  There was a minor attitude adjustment this morning which wasn't very pleasant for about an hour but everyone is in good spirits and having fun being kids which is awesome.  And other exciting news tomorrow James football team are playing another team in the half time and he is soooo excited and I'm getting a press pass and a white coat so I can go onto the field and take photos for our club. They had to make a special application for me to get permission to do that but we are all good to go so I'd better come up with some good shots for our club...puts the pressure on now doesn't it but it's a big thing for a 9 year old I can tell you.  We won't mention that half time is when everyone goes to the loo and grabs a drink and a bite to eat because some people won't be doing that and they can cheer the kids on.  Anyway back to today's backyard activities and Sienna's braided hair thanks to our hairdresser who came today.

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