Sunday, April 7, 2013

Around here

Around here today James is sporting his new Brisbane Lions Jersey and cap that I bought him yesterday and Sienna is hugging a new plastic owl that we bought from Bunnings for the veggie patch.  When we brought it home she wanted to keep it in her room which was not an option.  You could just imagine me checking in on her in the middle of the night and seeing a shadow of a bird like that....would scare me away.

We have a turkey problem at the moment and at 5.55 am without fail for the past month a stupid (yes stupid) turkey jumps onto the roof above my bedroom and to which I yell out TURKEY and then while it is walking on the roof from the front to the back we run to open the blinds, unlock the door head out onto the grass and turn the hose on the turkey on the roof so it will fly away....yes hilarious but not at 5.55 am every morning I'm not very impressed.  Apart from the morning invasion they must be coming at night because they have gotten into our three veggie patches and a pot plant.  We live very close to the bush and there are always bush turkeys wandering around up the road but we have been very lucky in the last 2 years that we have only had to chase one away about 6 times in over 700 days but our luck has run out and I'm not happy Jan.  Anyway we got two birds for the veggie garden and some black mess for underneath the bushes at the front and I'm hoping they will wander off to another house or better still the bush and there is a whole mountain of it just a few houses away.

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