Monday, April 22, 2013

Afternoon Light

Yesterday afternoon the light in the backyard was stunning and the kids were standing in the perfect spot for me to capture it (with a bit of "to the left" "to the right" from me) however I was thrilled with these few shots and particularly of James since he is not always in the mood for photos as much as his sister so I have heaps of her at the moment but I so love this one of James.  In the first photo of Sienna she is holding a lizard that she caught, she loves insects and little creatures and is always catching things in our backyard and I love this about her.


  1. Hi Kathy :-)

    These are all gorgeous photos - that afternoon light is hard to beat!

    Regarding your blog header - perhaps you might need to look at the dimensions of the template ... adjusting the width in the advanced set up area. For exapmle, my blog(the width of the written portion) is 1000px and I make my headers 980px x 200px so that I know it will fit and I select the 'instead of' option when adding in the header ... rather than 'shrink to fit'.

    This might be all what you've done previously, I am not sure ... and I am not good at explanations!

    Google Reader is a platform where you can have all the blogs you read in one place and you can read the blog posts in full without having to click into the actual blog ... unless you want to comment of course. It is shutting down and Google is citing ongoing privacy issues as they now have so much of our personal information they don't want to be accidentally liable for any breaches ... I'm paraphrasing.

  2. These are just lovely - both the photos and your lovely children! The way the light just catches their hair is beautiful. I must remember this ... Lovely to find you and I will be back often; I really enjoy anything to do with simplicity, and I am sure I will be inspired here :).

  3. Wow, they are getting SO big Kathy!!! Love what you did with the light here - you captured some really wonderful stuff!