Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Afternoon Light and a Reader in the Making

Sienna struggled with her reading in Grade 1 last year due to the huge change in the Queensland Curriculum however regardless of all of that, Sienna wants to learn and loves school.  Her big brother James is an amazing reader and reads books all the time including on the way to school in the car and again on the way home and I'm so proud of him as I know how important reading is.  Sienna wants to read little chapter books like her big brother and today she brought home a book from the library to read.  As soon as we got home she went outside, put her feet up in the afternoon sun and got to reading.  I just thought this moment was so precious and couldn't resist taking these photos of her reading her little library book.  (Note to whoever built this house and outside entertainment area - you sure did put a post in the most inconvenience place for most of my photography.


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