Thursday, April 4, 2013

A trip to the Park

Today was a funny day with one minute sunshine and the next minute pouring with rain.  I decided we would visit the local Samford Bakery to have a hot sausage roll for lunch and get out of the house for a bit.  Just as we were about to leave it bucketed down with rain but we headed off anyway with heavy rain all the way there.  We sat down at the Bakery and the kids enjoyed a sausage roll each and I had a chicken pie which are delicious as I've had a few of these before and a nice hot coffee.  After lunch the rain cleared up enough to head down the road to the park for the kids to have a bit of a play.  I haven't been in too many photos lately myself mainly because I can't be bothered to set it all up, check it and then run into the photo however I did want to get a picture of  three of us together so I set the camera up on the country stage and put the self timer on.  I only took two because a little boy was quite curious about what we were doing and was heading towards my camera so I was airing on the cautious side even though the camera was about 2 metres away from us it was right on the edge of the stage and little 3 year old hands would not have been a good thing.  Still I'm pleased to have a photo with the 3 of us on school holidays.  Here's a few pics from our little venture out to the park today.


  1. what a nice, simple outing...and did you know you can get a timer app for your iphone? also what is your name on instagram?

  2. I do have a timer app on my iphone but I've got an iphone 3 which doesn't stand up by itself as it has the rounded edges also no flip about or whatever the mode is called so you can see what's in your picture if you are on the picture side. Instagram is kathy1963 I also thought the outing was so lovely since the whole idea really started out with going to get a sausage roll for lunch and instead of the bakery 5 mins away we went 10 mins away to the country village which seems like you are hours away. It was pleasant and the kids loved it too.