Friday, November 11, 2011

Ikea Train Set

I'm sure everyone will little ones has at some stage in their life owned an "Ikea Train Set". We have amazingly never lost any of the tracks or the trains which is saying something however, during the past year or so I have attempted at least 2 or 3 times to give this away to the Salvo's since James and Sienna have outgrown it. Every time I put it in a bag in the garage to take it to the Salvo's the kids find it and say "I want to play with it" and again it comes back inside our house again and again.

Yesterday afternoon I went into Sienna's room to find her playing with the train set which I swear had gone in one of my Salvo's bag but there it was appearing again. She was playing with the train set while James had a go on her piano. Since he decided he didn't want to be photographed he took the keyboard off the stand and crawled underneath the bed to avoid the paparazzi mother. (as if that would stop me!!!!) I found it comforting to see them in the same room playing because shortly before that things were not quite so calm and they were in time out in their own bedrooms. It was a lovely change to the previous 15 mins or so.

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