Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ali's recent post

Ali Edwards did a post yesterday called "when you were two" which described her daughter drawing all over her body and it reminded me of some photos I had taken of Sienna about the same age. When I took these photos they made me laugh because as nearly 2 year olds they are so proud of their artwork even though she had a colouring book in front of her she didn't open it. These pictures were taken in November 2007 when Sienna was 21 months old when we were away camping and it appears Sienna favours the same colour purple as Ali's daughter. (Tomorrow's post will be on James who has been home sick all week with the fever and cough thingy that is going through Brisbane like wild fire.) Double click on the photos to see all the lovely colouring in over her legs (still trying to sort out getting my photos bigger - thanks Sharon for the advice, still trying to figure it out, will keep you posted).

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  1. Gosh, she had a good time there didn't she!

    Kathy, it looks like your template will need to be widened so that you can get larger photos to fit - that can be done in the template design/advanced area. Then when you upload/insert a photo and you click on it you can choose what size you'd like it to be before publishing.