Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prep Shot Put

Here's Sienna's shot put efforts on Monday when she finally got her turn. Prior to that there was bit of waiting to get through 50-60 kids and they were all a bit tired and bored from the look of things.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prep Long Jump

Here are a few pic's of Sienna's long jump efforts from yesterday.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Prep high jump

Today Sienna had her sports carnival and the preppies do high jump (first jump is 30cms), long jump and shot put. Here are some photos of her doing her high jump (or is that low jump!!). They are so cute at that age and I took some beauties of her in action.

Focaccia Bread & Dip

Yesterday afternoon I made some focaccia bread and herb and garlic dip to take to Mum's place for dinner. I put rosemary and murray river pink salt on top of the focaccia and it was a bit hit with the family. Light and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. They are all keen for me to make this again as the 2 loaves were finished in about 10 mins.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soup and Sunshine

I decided I was going to make a minestrone soup today since it's been raining and wet all week. Today's forecast was showers however it has ended up a beautiful sunny day and I made my healthy soup anyway which I had for lunch and it was delicious.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What kids see....

Last week for some reason we seemed to get stuck at one traffic light close to our house near the local shopping centre. We were sitting in the car and Sienna said "look at the doggie mummy" to which I looked over and thought where on earth is the dog. She then pointed out that the tree looked like a doggie running and indeed it did. On this particular day it was a little windy so the leaves moved like the doggie's legs were running.

A few days later I had my camera in the car with me but I could only take a photo further over to the left from the best angle to see the outline of the doggie as you can imagine, traffic lights never stop for you when you want them to stop so I snapped this in the turning lane when no one was behind me. You are looking at the dog with it's head on the right with an open mouth. He has 4 legs and a tail on the left and pricked up you see it like we do?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WITL and Piggy Cupcakes

I was very excited to pick up my printed pages for WITL for 2011 today. I had them professionally printed from a local lab and they can do 8.5 x 11 inches for me on beautiful lustre paper. The pink/purple edges need to be trimmed as this page is a 12 inch page so if you are wondering why the top and bottom has purple on it that's why. They do a great job and am looking forward to some trimming of photos and putting in my folder. I will then do my extra journalling and fill in's for the smaller sizes like Ali's. When it's all done and printed our week looked pretty good really including all our routines.

Also I thought I would throw in a picture of the "piggy" cupcakes that James and I decorated this afternoon for tomorrow's grade 2 baking stall. I found it last night on the web, so simple. Waffer biscuits for the ears, half a white marshmallow for the nose and some chocolate drops for eyes. I only made 12 to go to school so unfortunately the kids (and I) couldn't try them out but as they are so easy I will definately make them again as they are cute and fun and not very time consuming.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank you cards

James had a busy weekend just past as he went to a birthday party for 4 hours on Saturday and then fronted up to another birthday for 4 hours on Sunday. Sunday night he was very exhausted and of course that was after he had been sick for the previous 7-10 days. Here he is in the study writing out thank you notes to his friends saying he had a great time at their parties.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Around here at the moment

Around here at the moment we are heading into 2 weeks of 2 kids being sick. The fever comes and goes followed by the dreadful cough. They are up for a day and back down for a day. The chemist has been our best friend during this time. Sienna is down again on the couch not looking very well today with her fever back again. It's no fun for them and equally no fun for Mummy either. Hoping for a full recovery asap, fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Backyard Trampoline

When we moved house and we didn't have a pool in our back yard (boo hoo!!) I told the kids I would buy them a trampoline instead. It was however another "flat pack" purchase (boo hoo) so required reinforcements in the way of family members and a BBQ to get our trampoline put together. It was quite a huge job and stretching that mat was nearly an impossible task which required wearing gloves. However after many hours, a few sausages, lamb cutlets and lime tart later we had our trampoline together. The rules were as all the adults had worked to put it together, we all got a go first which we were all a bit nervous about but had the most fun having a jump and falling over. After that we handed over the reins to the kids for their entertainment.

We are having to learn "taking turns" again as with it being so new everyone (that is 2 kids) want to use it at the same time. Sienna told me that she's not an "outdoor girl" anymore (which I always call her because she loves being outside) she's a "jumpoline girl" (she calls the trampoline jumpoline which makes sense when all you do on it is jump). Very pleased with our new outdoor purchase for some fun outdoor activities. A big thanks to all the family for helping us put this together.