Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playground fun

Yesterday when we were at Samford we stopped at the fabulous playground which has been designed with the bush in mind and you still feel as if you are in the country. Rustic fences and tall trees make it a beautiful place. They have this amazing swing set which has about 5 or so swings all swinging into the middle. Surprizely, even though they all look as if they are going to crash into each other they don't reach. Normally you have 2 swings and all the kids want the swing at the same time. There are lots of swings in this arrangement and because they all faced into the middle all the kids were having a big conversation which wouldn't normally take place when 2 swings are side by side.

Sienna was "rock climbing" on another section of the playground and slid back to the ground as she lost her footing and hurt her ankle and ended up in tears. It's a bit sore still today so she must have landed pretty hard on it. Apart from the minor accident we had a great afternoon.

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