Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr Owl Money Box

I bought Sienna a beautiful pink money box from Freedom last Friday as James has about 3 money boxes and Sienna doesn't appear to have any. The kids were going to Granny's place for a sleep over that night and while Sienna was there she was telling Granny that she missed Mr Owl. Granny suggested she write Mr Owl a letter which she did. On Saturday morning when I picked the kids up Sienna had an envelope with the letter in it for Mr Owl. The minute she stepped into the house she took the letter into her bedroom and opened it up and told Mr Owl that the letter was for him. A couple of days later we realized that as Mr Owl is pink, maybe we should have called it Mrs Owl. Considering she had only had the owl for a couple of hours before going to Granny's her recollection of Mr/Mrs Owl was pretty good for a 5 year old. Check out the picture she did and her cute hand writing.

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