Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting our veggie garden ready

More hands make light work and this afternoon Poppa Waz and James put together the Bunnings veggie boxes and then we dug through the pile of bark/dirt to sift out the weeds and then we layered our veggie boxes weed mat, lucerne, manure, bark/dirt etc. and topped them off with some compost material at the top. I need to get a couple of bags to top them up but for now it was a great effort. When I say we, I mean Nanny, Pop, James and Sienna and I took quite a few photos. I'm excited that they are nearly ready and we can start planting and attending to our organic garden. I am a little concerned about possums around here as I have trees in the back and we are surrounded by bush but we'll have to see how we go.

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  1. good luck, we are so very late in putting in our own vege garden this year, hoping to be able to get some seedlings from bunnings this week when we go to the city... my "possums" are the darned birds out here...