Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tonight at Bedtime

Tonight I read Sienna some stories from the Childrens Bible which she received when she got christened a few years ago. I had found the books in the spare room bedside table and had popped them in the box in her room which is half packed for our move. She had found the page with the story about the good Samaritan which she said she knew from school and I knew this because she had come home and told me the story. I love how both my kids tell me all about their school day. Today's photo of the day I had decided would be her wall decal that her Aunty Frances, Uncle Steven and cousins Matthew and Hannah had given her for Christmas. Given this has to come off the wall I thought we needed to include it as our photo of the day.

Next up was James in his bed waiting for me doing some Ben 10 colouring in. This is not the case every night as I'm usually saying hurry up get into bed I'm ready but tonight I insisted they must be in their bed ready for books for me as the last few nights it has been 7.30pm instead of 7.00 pm when I have finished the bedtime routine. They need their sleep, I need my "knock off time" and everyone is happy in the morning. As I had my camera with me I took some pictures of James as well. With all the packing going on around here the camera has been a little quiet lately even though I am taking my photo a day.


  1. Mine both went down easily tonight too - makes a nice change!
    Hope you are making headway on the packing - it is a thankless chore but will be worth it in the end - just think, you will be tucked up in a great new home soon :-)

  2. yes, I can't wait and you have no idea how much!!!! It has been a long limbo for me and now we are off ready to start fresh again.