Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conversation about Mother's Day

Tomorrow morning my Mum (Granny), Aunty Lisa (my sister) the kids and I are going out to breakfast for Mother's Day. Last year on the spare of the moment I rang Mum and said would she like to join the kids and I for breakfast and it was really enjoyable so this year we invited Aunty Lisa to come along. Just for the record Aunty Lisa is not a morning person which is why on the spare of the moment last year I didn't think it wise to wake her whereas my Mum is an early riser. Back to my story, when I was at Coles this week I bought 2 roses made out of chocolate (the only kind I say) so the kids can each give one to Granny and Aunty Lisa at breakfast.

While I was getting Sienna's bath ready tonight I said to her we have 2 roses and who would she like to give her rose to and she said "Aunty Lisa". I said because Aunty Lisa doesn't have kids it's nice that we give her something as well and she said "she will like that fing mummy (the real word, thing) better than kids because sometimes kids can be annoying"..... how gorgeous is that. Five year olds can be so bright can't they. I know Aunty Lisa will like the rose just as much as Granny will and I'd better get to bed so I can wake up early and iron our clothes. Both kids have bought a gift for me from the Mother's Day School stall so I am looking forward to what they got me. I really love that they get to make these big decisions on their own and put thought into what I would like. James had decided he was going to buy two $5 presents for me instead of one present however in the end he did get two presents and also 3 raffle tickets for the gift basket which we didn't win but he was so excited we had the chance to win. Sienna I think has bought two gifts also. I love the excitement on their faces and can't wait to enjoy the precious moment with them in the morning.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Kathy :-)

    Yes, the kids do come out with little nuggets of wisdom don't they? Have a great day!