Saturday, April 23, 2011

Visit to the local park

This afternoon I took the kids down to the local park so they could ride their scooter and bike. It's all too easy for me to stay at home and let them play in the backyard but it's always nice when I make the effort and a change of scenery. Seriously it's a 5 min walk down there.

While we were down there a couple of other kids were on their roller blades and after a little while they left to go home. The little boy was still there and asked me if I could make a paper plane for him. I said James is the expert in making paper planes so called him over and James sat down to help the little boy which was so adorable I just had to take some photos of it. A little while later I realized we were the only ones at the park along with this little boy and I asked him who he was at the park with and he said he lived in the house up the road and pointed to it. Remember he is a little 5 year old boy, same as Sienna and here he was at the park by himself. I was just gobsmacked. I then saw his sister standing in her front driveway with a little friend and they were probably about 8 years old and then it appeared that they left her house and went to the other boys house on the other side of the park, still leaving the little brother in the park by himself. He didn't seem too worried about it but there is no way on this earth would I leave Sienna at a park like that by herself or James for that matter. There didn't seem to be any parents in the front yard keeping an eye on this kid. In my day (yes, the good old days) all of us kids rung around the neighbourhood but we were a bunch of kids probably about 10 of us hanging out together but certainly not at the ripe old age of 5.

At one stage Sienna was explaining to him about the Easter Bunny was coming tonight because her mother had told her. First she said it's Christmas tonight and then she said, oh, wait it's the Easter Bunny (EB..... for all those who have taken their kids to see HOP these holidays - cute). Both James and Sienna have coloured in an easter egg, cut it out and blue tacked it to their bedroom doors. (Di, I never did make it to Spotlight but they seemed to manage with a colouring in off the net). All in all we enjoyed our little trip down to the local park.

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