Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No photos

I'm doing an Ali Edwards today as I took the kids to Rainbow Bay and left the camera at home. It was mainly due to the fact that it had been raining and wet and just wanted to be in the moment. We walked onto the soft white sand and first of all the kids jumped off a sand dune and rolled down the little hill. They did this for a little while getting sand all over them while squealing with excitement. (they were in day time clothes because their togs were back in Brisbane, another side story). We then proceeded to the water's edge and Sienna went in the surf while James and I played "noughts and crosses" in the sand (one eye on Sienna a few metres away and the other eye on the game). We played a few games and then we went for a walk. We chatted to a fisherman who had caught a small bream and he said even though it was probably legal size he would throw him back in to get bigger. The kids thought that was pretty cool and he was a rather elderly gentleman dressed in his full fishing gear and rubber shoes.

We then checked out the surfers and the big waves, climbed up some big rocks to the pathway and walked around to see the "green painted frog/rock" and again the kids climbed up onto these huge boulders put their hands up and shouted "I'm the king of New York"..... I have no idea where this came from but Sienna was copying her brother on another rock complete with huge smile.

They jumped off these big rocks and climbed back up and then we headed back the same way we came and we looked in the crab holes for crabs but couldn't find any. Sienna collected a heap of shells along the way and washed them in the ocean before we headed back to the car. The weather had been raining and miserable and it would have been just as easy to head straight back to Brisbane but I really enjoyed my one hour at the beach with the kids. The look on their faces of pure happiness made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and appreciate how amazing my 7 year old and 5 year old are.

On the side note, back in Brisbane when I was putting one bag into the car which included pj's, towels and togs my mobile phone rang inside so I dropped the bag and ran into to answer it. After I finished with the call the kids got in the car I grabbed my handbag, camera and left. Half way down I didn't recall putting the bag into the boot and you guessed it I didn't. I have worn the same clothes yesterday, then to bed and then today. The kids had packed their backpacks with pj's toys and clothes so their were okay but you know, these things happen and it's not the end of the world. James particularly wanted his togs for the water but I said he could just get his shorts and top wet as we had a change of clothes and he wasn't that keen. Sienna couldn't care and she went in, in her shorts. That was our little overnight stay with my beautiful friend at Rainbow Bay.

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