Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

The kids lovely Nanny & Pop from Melbourne sent up a beautiful Easter Card that the 4 year old cousin had picked out along with $15 to buy each of us a Lindt Chocolate Bunny. There are very specific instructions on buying the Lindt bunny and instructions which I'm more than happy to follow particularly when it involves chocolate and good quality chocolate at that. We bought the bunnies from Coles last night and both James and Sienna had their $5 note to hand to the checkout operator. Today's photo of the day is going to be one of the 3 of us with our yummy chocolate bunnies. We have now eaten the heads off the bunny and tomorrow we will eat the rest of them. I personally could eat the whole bunny in one sitting but I thought if they did they might feel a bit ill so I made the sacrifice and am waiting until tomorrow to eat the rest. Yes, Easter is coming a little early for us as I figure there will be plenty of chocolate on Easter Sunday for them to consume. Hope you enjoy your Easter break.


  1. Happy Easter to you all - keep that choccie consumption under wraps ok! ;-)

  2. I'm with you Kathy, I have NO self control what so ever, especially with the good stuff! (and your blog is slow to load for me as always GRR! otherwise I would comment more often! Happy Easter to you and your little bunnies!

  3. I have to confess...I have never had a Lindt bunny. Im a Darrelea nougat filled egg girl :)