Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday night pizza

It's a nice feeling on Friday nights to know that there is no "rush hour" in the morning and that you can all just sit and relax looking forward to the weekend. I let them play one hour of Toy Story 3 on the xbox (I'm not a big fan of computer games) however at the end of the week they can both play, interact with each other for an hour while I can do things as well and then we all sit down to dinner. I decided to order pizza from pizza capers and as you can tell the kids really enjoyed it. We are hanging out for the school holidays as it has been a very long term and still have another 2 weeks left.

This 12 week term has been huge particularly with Sienna starting prep, she is very exhausted and she will need the school holidays to recover. James is going very well although you know he will need a break as well. They are both doing so well at school and I am one proud mummy that's for sure. Love you kids.....

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