Friday, March 4, 2011

Bedtime Books

Our bedtime routine is teeth first then I read a book to Sienna in her room and then I read a book to James in his room. I was pretty tired last night and hadn't taken my photo of the day yet so decided it had to be a picture of reading the books. As Sienna is more than willing to be in photos at the moment she seems to feature more often than James so I was trying to even it up so the photo of the day will be the one of James and I on the bed reading the book.
Naturally I still wanted a photo of reading to Sienna and since I had the camera out, the tripod, the expodisc (for the white balance) I set about to take the "reading books to my beautiful children" photos. Remember I have to set the camera on timer, check the focus point, press the shutter and run to get onto the bed and pretend to be reading before the shutter goes off. At one stage in Sienna's photo we had the book upside down and my glasses weren't even on. She was quick to point this out to me however I said "oh well, it's just for the photo and no one will ever know"....well right up until I put it on my blog that is.

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  1. Oh the ends we go to to get a shot! Well done Kathy - these will be great to look back on in a couple of years :-)