Saturday, March 26, 2011

Photo of the Day

Today I decided that the photo of the day would be the kids with their Aunty Lisa (my younger sister) so I put a chair out in the backyard, grabbed the camera with the 50mm f1.8 on it and thought in 3 mins my photo will be done, then we can jump in the pool and have a swim. Well, what's that old saying, never work with children or animals!!! I ended up taking about 10 photos which took about 20 mins because Sienna was having a meltdown that she didn't really need to have. Then beautiful photo of 2 of them and the 3rd one eyes shut, next photo, beautiful picture of the other 2, 3rd person's eyes shut.......soooooooo what was meant to take 3 mins did take some time. Here is the only photo that is worth showing you but I do like it because it's James and Sienna with their beautiful Aunty Lisa who they adore.
Everyone has a thing, and Lisa's thing is to bring a packet of marshmallows with her when she visits. Yep, every single time she visits which is once a week she brings over one packet of marshmallows with her which gets divided between 2 adults and 2 kids so it's all in moderation but a lovely thing that she does that we all enjoy.

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