Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Donna Hay tonight!!!

Yesterday for dessert I thought the kids might like some "pie apple" (basically apple out of a tin) with their yoghurt. They both objected and didn't really like it very much so I thought that today I would make an apple crumble out of it and they would eat it that way. I also added a tin of peaches and looked up a recipe on line and made the apple/peach crumble. I spent a little while preparing it and it took 30 mins to cook, then cool down and it went into the fridge. At dinner time I zapped it in the microwave for 15 seconds just to warm it up again and served it with ice cream which mind you I had to make a special trip to the shops for after we arrived home from school. I was feeling very pleased with myself about the lovely dessert we would enjoy together. Well............. that's as far as it went.

James took one mouthful and nearly threw up and ran to the bin and spat it out. He went all red and teared up and starting crying. Umm... not what I expected as I really thought he would like it and then I calmed him down and he ate his ice cream and that was it. Sienna is sitting opposite him saying YUK in a sulky voice and then said "THIS TASTE LIKE DOG FOOD" to which I nearly spat out the crumble that was in my mouth from laughter. Since when has this 5 year old girl tasted dog food. We don't even own a dog and don't really know people with dogs. I happily sat there with my beautiful apple/peach crumble and ice cream and ate it and I thought it was delicious. After all my hard work this morning I certainly did not get the response I had hoped for. That quote about the dog food has to go in my word document I have with the kids quotes because you can never remember them and I type them up, put their age on it.

I'm actually a very good cook and it blew my mind that I got such terrible reviews from the kids about my apple/peach crumble but I don't take it personally......hey they are only 7 and 5 - what do they know!!!!
So I hope your evening meal goes down better than mine and that my story puts a smile on your face.


  1. I don't usually get that reaction to a sweet dish ... their vegetables yes, and frequently by the younger one - the older one eats anything. Well, I'd happily come by and share the crumble with you - it sounds delicious!

  2. plenty of crumble for you Amy and anyone else that won't insult me!!