Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An early visit from the Easter Bunny

Yesterday morning after breakfast and before school/kindy Sienna had on her Easter Bunny outfit which includes the pretty pink ears and a white fluffy tale (not shown as I think she was sitting on it at the time) but these pictures and moments make me laugh and I want to remember them. Here she is pretending to be a bunny.

The kids also played "snap" together with James' new Ben 10 cards and the game didn't end in tears so another kodak moment I want to remember. A big brother playing cards with his little sister. aahhhh beautiful.


  1. Yes! Super cute indeed, and how good is it when they play together without world war III beginning?

  2.'s amazing and you have to capture it on film to balance out the 100 other times they don't!!!

  3. playing the morning...before school...sigh...lucky you