Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Backyard Fun

This afternoon I was going to sit down and do some reading (ORGANIC by Don Burke and then read my week 7 photography notes) however I did bring it outside and put it on the table and then went back inside to get my camera as James was entertaining himself with his remote control truck and this was another photo opportunity not to be missed.

Sienna was watching on like a good sister does and I wanted to get a "story" picture of the two of them together. I really like the one of Sienna on the sidelines watching James with his truck and also the one of James by himself with his hoodie on. I was practising "exposure lock" on my camera and I exposed for his face, then stepped back, focused and took the picture. I really like this one of him.

I love when my kids are playing outside and I love watching them at the same time.