Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out of the Box Festival - Part 1

This morning we ventured into Southbank to attend some of the Out of the Box Festival events which is only held every 2 years. I took the kids in 2008 and we loved it then and I promised myself and them when it came around again we would go. I really wanted to take them to "Amococo" which is a walk-through inflatable sculpture filled with radiant light and colour. It all sounded great until we got at the end of the queue and the officials said it will take 2hrs of standing in the queue to get to the entry. It only holds 80 people and they are in the tunnel for 30 minutes. With a 4 and 6 year old this is not an option. We were extremely disappointed so we went off and did some other interesting things.

First we did some paintings and drawings where they had everything set up for the kids and then we headed over to the State Library where the kids made an octopus each out of a paper cup and bits and pieces which they loved. Next we headed to the "Paper, Boat, River" exhibition where the kids got to make a paper sail boat each. They had pictures around the gallery of the Brisbane river and all things to do with the river including a "river of paper boats" on the floor shaped like a river. Very cute.

After that we headed off into the actual Library to their Parlour Room and Sienna did drawings on the blackboard while James and I had a giant game of drafts with the oversized board game which is on the floor. Even though we missed out on the main event we had a great time and got an ice cream from McDonalds on the way home. I'm really pleased I made the effort this year as it's fantastic for the kids.

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