Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phone conversation of a 4 year old

My 4 year old daughter has not been one to want to talk on the phone. Small kids go through that phase where it doesn't interest them however at the moment Sienna is wanting to talk to her Nanny & Pop who live interstate. Last night we rang Nanny & Pop and to save them being cut off on the phone I put it on "speaker" so they can hear and talk without holding the phone to their ear and accidently press buttons. I took these photos while she was talking to Nanny which I think are so cute. The first picture she thinks whatever Nanny is saying is very funny and the second picture she is listening very carefully to what is being said. How cute is that. My other favourite thing is when they try and show them something via the phone. James would always hold the phone next to his toys and say "see this Nanny or see this Pop" ... makes sense if you are a small person....if they can hear you through that contraption, surely they should be able to see things too. Funny....

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