Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holidays at home

Today is the official start to the June school holidays and that means finding lots of activities to keep the kids occupied. At lunch time we sat down at the table and I wrote a whole heap of things on an A4 piece of paper with a square box next to each one. I used brightly coloured pens to make it fun and this is what we are going to focus on. They can be as simple as buying some oranges to have freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, making popcorn for a movie night at home or visiting the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary which is a good hour and a bit drive away. Just want to have some happy entertaining things we can do. After seeing Nicole's post last Tuesday about the waffles I've added this to the list as the kids haven't eaten waffles before. It's another relatively cheap activity for the kids to participate in.

This afternoon was our first activity to tick off the list and that was "go to Sandgate and look for some soldier crabs" (and for me....photoshoot on the mud flats) WIN-WIN holidays are the way to go. We only found 2 crabs and they were both dead but it didn't bother the kids as we had a great time and finished off with fish and chips by the sea. When we got home James said, mum we can tick that one off the list. Enjoy the pic's from Sandgate.


  1. The fact that you can put your feet into any open body of water is an absolute miracle .... they would be iceblocks here within the minute!

  2. love the word art you've used....and that you are so organised for the holidays. Maybe I'll try that NEXT time, given that they go back to school on Tuesday!

  3. love the pics and the work art...
    Can i ask what fonts and where from?