Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Day

This morning we went to a fun day for the families of James' school and the kids had a ball. They had snow cones, fairy floss, cakes, sausage in bread and not to mention the fun rides. The chair-o-plane (I think it's called), jumping castle, tea cup ride (about as tame as it gets for me) and the slippery slide. The kids were in seventh heaven. I also ate some fairy floss which is probably the first time I've had it since I was a kid at our local church fete. I used to look forward to the once a year snow cokes with the cordial flavours. Good to see some things don't change, a cup, ice and cordial and you're good to go. I'm was easily pleased. I think the kids will be in bed early's hoping anyway. Double click on the chair-o-plane photo and check out Sienna's "thumbs up". James is to the right of her however his chair was facing in so couldn't get a front on pic of him.

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