Sunday, June 6, 2010

First time at the skating ring

After James practised twice last week at home with the skates today was the party at the skating ring. I had been forewarned about the very poor lighting conditions for photography but I'm sure it was supposed to be more about the skating than photography but you know me, I still want the photos. James did really well and after walking around the ring with him twice he said he didn't need my help anymore and was off. Some of these shots he looks as if he's a pro skater (must be my good photography!!) it certainly doesn't look as if it was his first time in a skating ring.

He got into the limbo with everyone, and happily skated the whole time apart from the party time which was icecream and cake. At the end of the 2.5 hr session James said that it was AWESOME so that means the seal of approval from a 6 year old. He loved it. Half way through the session I was almost convinced to go and hire some skates myself since it brought back so many memories and standing on the side lines didn't look nearly as much fun as participating. Definately next time. The pics' were tough and I ended up with an ISO of 3200, 1/500 and f2.8. Tough gig but took some video footage on the iphone which he thought was pretty cool. The last photo he looks like he is in the speed racing comp. Kids learn stuff so fast it's amazing.

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