Monday, May 31, 2010

First time skating

James has been invited to a skating party and has actually never skated before. He did however learn to ski at Mt Buller at age three and a half and was skiing down Bourke Street (the main drag) without assistance, turning, weaving and jumping within four days of ski school so I figured he can't be half bad at this sports stuff.

We have borrowed some skates and all the knee pads, arm wrists and elbow pads for some practise so we don't end up in the emergency room at the hospital however he managed quite well for his first attempt. He's always willing to give anything a go (except vegetables!!) but he impressed me with his efforts and had a great time.

Sienna encouraged him all the way even though she was a little jealous because she didn't have skates herself but kept occupied with a little baby gecko and the marigold flowers.

Skating brings back lots of memories for me, as all my sisters and most of the neighbourhood kids used to catch the bus to the local skate arena on a Saturday morning and skate until closing time which I think was mid-day back then. The place caught fire a number of years ago and although it was shut down it was never demolished. Even today when I drive past I think of all those Saturday mornings joining in the fast skate, the backwards skate and red-rover. We had so much fun and such fond memories. So this weekend James will experience his first time at a skate arena and I'm looking forward to him having just as much fun as I did.

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