Friday, October 24, 2014


Here's what happened in our lives in Week 41.

James and Sienna doing some drawings.

Slushies on a 30 degree day sitting in the wheelbarrow in the backyard.

James practising his guitar using the ipad.

Skateboarding at a local park.

Trying some tricks.

Sienna testing out her off road scooter skills with some serious concentration on her face.

My beautiful girl posing for me in the afternoon light.

Some cows and bulls opposite the Strawberry Farm.

Pick your own strawberry farm.

Out in the fields picking strawberries.

The three of us picking the best strawberries to eat.

James and Sienna with their basket load of freshly picked strawberries.

A new to us park at Calamvale which the kids LOVED and will be going back there again.

James on the flying fox which was fast and they have two so the kids didn't have to wait too long.

Sienna climbing the playground structure.

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