Monday, August 25, 2014


Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack for this weeks collection.

Finally having an unlimited internet connection means the kids are allowed to watch you tube.  

Watching "Robo Wars" together on the iPad.

Little people's feet.

Sienna doing some crocheting while enjoying some home made sausage rolls.

Bought and planted some new lavender in some empty pots.

The kids with their new beanies which were half price at the $2 shop.

And this one........OMG she's adorable.

Playing handball down the side of the house.

Blue skies with Bougainvillea around the other side of the house.

Sienna just finished colouring in her mask for Book Week dress up.  "The Fantastic Mr Fox"

Her outfit ready for the morning.

James reading in bed.

Some well needed rain at long last.

Home grown lemon.

Sienna doing some more crochet.

James after his AFL Footy Presentation although he wasn't that well and had a temp the night before.

From our local Farmers Markets.

The kids made this bird feeder.

Sienna put the bird feeder on a pole in the back yard after I needed more space to peg the washing.  We are loving the creative things Sienna is coming up with from recycling.

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