Monday, August 18, 2014


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Attending the Spina Bifida Charity 5km Fun Run the kids were so excited to do this for their 3rd year running.
Sienna with I think the Hambugular.

James chatting to Tate in the blue shirts on the right just before the race is about to start.  Tim and William (aka Willsie) is on this side of the tape

James on the right taking off.

James on the way back to the finish line.

This happy little runner (aka Sienna) was just about to run into me......she loved doing this race.

There she goes on the way back more than 3/4 finished alongside the Brisbane River.

Brisbane River Scenery

The City Cat in the foreground with the Brisbane CBD in the background.

The Story Bridge which are those two peaks in the middle of the photo.  The park underneath that was the start and finish of the race.

Some lovely flowers along the way...note I walk with my camera, it's very casual for me but the kids take it seriously.

Some Life Be in it Games afterwards.

Last game of the AFL Season we had pouring rain and this was quarter time pep talk.

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