Monday, August 18, 2014


A bit late with this post however this is what happened in our life in Week 32 of 2014.  Linking up with Emma at The Beetle Shack.

This little birdie flew into our house via the garage door just as we were about to leave for school so we had him flying all around our house until we were able to get him to fly out the back.

A surprize package arrived before school from James and Sienna's interstate Grandparents.

They know the kids so well and this package was very thoughtfully put together by Nanny & Pop.

Our lemon tree as a few more lemons on it now thank goodness as I've only used one so far.

Sienna on the trampoline reading her new book from Nanny & Pop.

I found this on my study door and these notes are so precious to me.

James and Sienna trying some new pizza making skills by tossing them into the air.

Sienna's new pet lizard in the wheelbarrow.

Sienna with her new lizard which she played with for hours.

Meet the lizard....

James at AFL got the ball.

James at AFL going for it.

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